Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crushes of a different kind

Something about Anthropologie makes my heart flutter - their cutesy dresses, their catalogs, their stores, their name...ooh, pretty much I have a crush on their entire brand! I remember my first tryst with Anthropologie like it was only yesterday - and it was truly an accident.

When I was in the second semester of college, I was walking down fifth avenue with my girlfriends, chatting away about the cute guys we had just passed by, and ofcourse giggling like little girls, when our conversations literally came to a halt as we watched wonderful composition of flowers and frocks in the display window. We all stood wide-eyed, mouth half opened with our hearts beating like wings of a humming bird-- the memory of cute boys already a history. This store was heaven and to our joy, we could take away few pieces of this heaven with us. So, we walked in together and then immediately dispersed in different directions, shrieking with joy on cute finds in every corner.
It was when I wanted to bookmark the name and location of the store in my mind (so I could stalk it like a crazed fan) did I fall in love with name as well (who comes up with Anthropologie!!). And, hello, double whammy with a fantastic name and such dreamy goods!!

In that spirit, I would like to share with you some of my favorite current pieces from the house of Anthropologie...enjoy!




Oh, I had such a fab time putting these images together....


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