Friday, April 9, 2010

Its the French affect

As I was walking down ninth avenue with my camera in tow, I was happy to come across such cute shops with delightful things that I had to go inside and explore them . One such shop that welcomed me and my camera was La Cafetiere, a French store that sells everything fabulous for you and your house. There were candles, cane hearts, delicate dinner napkins, glamorous lamps, unique glassware of all shapes and sizes and occasions, and ofcourse hand stitched teddy bears. As I was oohing and aaahing on a set of dark chocolate dinner plates, my eyes caught the curvy soup bowls and the next thing I knew, I was oohing and aahing over them. I tell you, there was constant distraction, and so hard to be focused on just one thing. And when I walked over one of the aisles,  I came across a crystal bead napkin ring, so I held it in my hand. Within moments, the sparkles from the ring danced on my palm, causing a huge smile to wash over my face. I wanted to buy all of them right then and there, but then I remembered if I did that, then I would have to buy the entire store!! :)
The decor of the shop was very homely and laid back, and Martina, the hostess at the shop, made the experience all the more, ummm, what's the phrase, ah, yes, joie de vivre! Oh, its the French affect, lovelies!

Here's the address: La Cafetiere, 160 Ninth Avenue, NYC.
Their website:

And here are some collages of the pics from the store, jouir!!:


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