Friday, April 16, 2010

Kadiri Villa - a feast of a different kind

I would like to present to thee-  Kadiri Villa - a breathtaking palace,  full of color and splendor of royalty.
This villa in Morocco is the lovechild of Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul, who worked on creating this standing symbol of their passion for design and decor with architect Stuart Church. Each room and each piece in each room echos a lush and vibrant history of Morocco and India.
Feast your eyes, like I did :)


{lovely images courtesy the lovely Indian Summer}


  1. alchool money make no man but fake man as jawad kadiri

    1. But I met him, he is a nice person. A very down to earth person.

  2. anonymous you,re absolutley right ...he will be never be a man because fandango staff ...was the best employees in casablanca.who i have the chance to meet them personnaly ...and i can tell he just use in them to make all this money ..guess what he call them a theft....waw...a big theft is you ...nobody was declared in social securite..nobody get pay on time ....some of them been declared as smic pay and get back the rest cash he void not to pay a taxes to government're a big theft ....not your staff ....thanks ...friend of former employees fandango.....

  3. i dont care how much money you got but can not buy a things called a man ...a real man ...mean not money're just hiding in your palace ....fear to face a good peoples ...who you stole there money ...staff + delivery people gonne never be a man jawad we know in advance you will turn your back to your employees who really work hard to help you make your dream come true...........but them you call them a thefts thanks enjoy your fortune who bring only misery for you unfortunately thanks ...casaoui

  4. hi felloy you're absolutely right but i would add one more things when we start working with him with a first time he promise to rise our salary when things go well so after 13 years ....he never keep is promises.......we dont give a shits how much money you raise from haram haram ...even we do make money too but is haram at least we are no longer working for you no more thanks allah for his blessing ..... الحمد لله)

  5. i want to share something with you ....i'am agreed witl all this comments yes....i dont think ... is place for any kind of jalousie toward ....jawad....



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