Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Fabulous Saturday and what made it fabulous

Yesterday was super day, no make that mega super day! Kartik and I spent almost the entire day with my jaanu Sana...and ofcourse with Shikha, Dhruv, aunty and uncle. It was nice catching up...especially for them to know how I was doing now that I did not have to go to work anymore. Honestly, sometimes, its hard for me to explain how I am doing on that front, because just a few days ago I had my first dream about this a sign of separation anxiety??! Oh, I hope not (and, to all who want to know, yes, I am doing fine, and learning to manage my time in the most productive way).

Anyways, back to the mega day, we talked, laughed, recounted stories of how we once had a tiny kitchen with no counter space, but even then the lavish Indian style cooking continued, joked about why Uncle was late from work today, exchanged ideas on how to marinate chicken better, talked about the white closet that aunty needed for her house, ate fruits and skittles, discussed Banno Raani ideas, fussed over Sana and who should hold her and how...aaah! Then after gorging down a pizza or two (I made Indian style pizza, if you lovelies really have to know :), we decided to go downstairs for a stroll, while the sun was still shining.

We walked by the water, taking pictures and still laughing and talking, while Sana enjoyed the sun and fresh air from her stroller. Then we headed to the mall, because Shikha was having major coffee cravings, and I had promised her that I will introduce her to the most delish coffee around...not so bitter and not so sweet - just perfect, and Nestle's Toll House coffee turned out to be just that. As the evening started coming upon us, we headed home, and I took to kitchen like I was Bobby Flay or something and concocted one dish after another. Okay, okay, just 2 main dishes - sambhar daal and spicy chicken curry and 2 starters - mushroom masala and churrizo kebabs. Yumm, if I may say so. The dinner and night ended with mildly sweet seviyan that aunty had cooked, and it was only 10pm! Then Kartik and I bade the Anand family goodbye, and came back to the apartment and crashed on the bed. It was a full day, but it was just perfect!

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