Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Pics and Parents...

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my was fun catching up with them. I dug out some old pics from mom's closet - oh, then it was an endless tirade of "ooh, look how chubby I was", "check out my frock...and thaat hair". My dad wasn't far behind and he had his "look at me all fit and slim", "check out that hair, doesn't it look like I am wearing a wig?"
We looked at the photos, while feasting on yummy paranthas that mom kept producing like magic..I wonder sometimes,  how does she do it so fast, so instantly? Its almost like taking those polaroid shots, where the ingredients of a moment is seamlessly captured on a paper, and a concrete memory is produced in a flash, literally!
We also talked about my leaving the workforce and why I did it and what would be my next steps. I had to calm my parents (especially mom, who seems to get nervous and hyperventilate whenever either Shikha or I do something out of the norm) and assure them that I knew what I was doing and that I was diligently working on my next steps. Papa got me, he got what I was trying to say, but ma was still fretting. On top of that, she bellowed, "so, when are you having a baby? Are you trying?Don't wait, hurry up." This wasn't the first time she was saying this, so I simply smiled, licked my finger dribbling with the butter that was on the parantha, and walked away, shouting, "I know Ma."
I tell you, parents...

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