Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inspiration - part 1

As I have mentioned before, for Banno Raani, I look for inspiration everywhere. While I have been talking about my recent personal challenges and summer makeup ideas here on the blog, I have been working behind the scenes for launching the second season of Banno Raani's collections. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of time.
Ok, just to give you a perspective - Shikha and I finalized our plans and order back in January, and we only finished it off completely in the past couple of weeks. So, yes, while I haven't been talking much about Banno Raani recently (oh, how I wish I absolutely was), trust me, Shikha and I have been working really hard to continue our efforts in defining our brand and what we stand for. More to come on that soon!
Hmm, going back to the inspiration discussion, I put together few pictures of what challenges us to be at our creative best and what encourages us to stay focused on delivering unique, classic and luxe feel to all our products (visualization, anyone?). So, here is a quick "inspiration capture" for you lovelies....

The ethnic flair never ceases to mesmerize us and works like instant mood enhancers... :)

Love the gold here with bursts of turquoise...unique shapes and combinations are a must these days

Believe it or not, these home accessories also serve as inspiration for us - the modern lines and geometric patterns are definitely trend worthy....

Now, as I get closer to the next steps on Banno Raani, I will surely shout from the roof top about it, and let the 'behind the scenes' scenario be for extras on some movie DVD!!


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