Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inspiration - part 2

Ok, while we are already on the topic of inspiration, how about some experiment? No no, don't worry, I promise I won't ask you to dissect a pig...maybe a rat, but not a pig :) Alright, alright, no ewws and eeks now, this experiment that I am referring to, oh well, I attempted it already!
As you all know by now, I am an avid fashion/style buff, so I decided to put this fascination to good use. I scoured both Fashion magazines (for this project -Elle) and Home & Design magazines (for this project - Architectural Digest) and came up with pictures of interior designs that could pass for an inspiration for the clothes...umm, or the other way around. And, it was pure joy to search for colors/textures/prints/shapes in one picture and look for "inspiration" in another. I mean, I looked at a fashion shoot and few minutes later I came up with a shot of a room that could have easily been inspired by the fashion look....umm, or the other way around. When it comes to the art...anything is possible and anything can inspire...something I like to call  'mutual osmosis' -- see for yourself  and enjoy!!

so, you see how the color of the leather sofa and the cushion, spark off the dress on the right, and how the legs of the chairs complement the heels of the shoes 

Right off the bat, the print and color of sofa is too close a match to the print of the dress on the right, the orange lipstick on the model matches the pop of the modern loveseat, the green plant in the center is almost like the green pendant on the model, and the blue cushions on the sofa compete with the dark blue alligator purse...yummmy!! 

I have to say...I just love the outfit the model is wearing! Ok, now, khaki fabric of the sofa plays off the neutral printed blouse on the model, and the folksy throw on the couch speaks to the multi colors on the blouse. The darker shade on the wall is a perfect match to the trousers on the model, the red painting on the wall matches the red lips (and ofcourse, the red drink...hmm, health shake maybe), and finally orangy peachy shoes knock off the orangy-peachy painting on the wall. How divine!

The bluish purple dinner setting is almost a mirror image for the water print skirt, the cluster of buildings provide a good match for the checkered blouse, and the orange purse, oh, how it works just like the luminous lamp in the center of the table



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