Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Update

Remember I mentioned yesterday that  Kartik and I were heading over to Morimoto Restaurant? Well, lovelies it was for my birthday, which is today!! Yeay!! Thank you thank you, I can already hear your wishes pouring in. And, wow, has the phone been ringing non stop or what?? Hmm, well, we celebrated a day early because a) I don't eat meat on Monday b) Its a Monday and  beginning of a  new workweek. So, there.
Oh, the place was truly gorgeous and I tried some of the most fancy and unique dishes ever. The place was buzzing with who's who, but my luck, I did not bump into Madonna (yeah, she was feasting there like 2 weeks ago) :). Kartik and I ordered duck, shrimp rolls for appetizer and then went for yellowtail shabu shabu with rice and noodle (yummmm). Then we ordered house special rolls with cucumber, eel, plum paste, yellowtail, sesame seeds (for crunch), and ended the gorging ordeal with chocolate explosion cake with Japanese green tea ice cream. I tell you,  I just couldn't stop eating!!
Ok, so that was yesterday. Today, Kartik bought me strawberry shortcake from Carlos's Bakery (the Cake Boss guy) and it was sooo divine and melted like velvet in my mouth. Then my friend Sirisha and her hubby dropped by, and Siri had baked me an Indian dessert of egg and custard. Yummmm again! I tell you, Birthdays are very very important! Oh, and I forgot to mention Kartik's gift - one full day of spa!! Yess!! He said that I truly deserved this since I am starting a new life (remember this) and its a very good day to pamper myself and get all rejuvenated and more. How incredibly sweet is that?? Aww, I wuuvv him :)

And, I am leaving you with a pic from yesterday. I rocked one of Banno Raani's Meena Panna earrings in peacock green, seen in Style File in this color. Enjoy!!

{click on the image above to make it bigger}

   my Birthday flowers from em'!


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