Saturday, September 19, 2009

Center of Attention

You know how I get around books -- don't want to eat or drink or do anything, just finish the lovely pages of characters and plots. Well, I just ordered the newly released Dan Brown's Lost Symbol - and it has kinda' become the center of my attention for this weekend -- let me tell you, this book is huge, its awesome and the info in there is just mind-blowing. I am addicted and can't wait to finish the 400 odd pages...yeah, it's that good! That good, that I haven't been conversing much with Kartik - but he knows how I am when I am reading a good book, and so he gives me a nudge now and then hugs me - just to remind me he's there -- aww, he's the best ever and I love him for that!! : )
Back to Langdon now...catch up later

Until then, you have a wonderful weekend...much love :)

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