Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was so nervous that we would miss our train to Paris (it was an early morning one) that I asked for a wake up call and also put an alarm on my phone and Kartik's phone. Everything rang at the same time and was powerful enough to jolt me right out of bed. I had already taken out our clothes the night before, so that saved us time on thinking and contemplating. Kartik and I zoomed from one corner of the room to another like robotic cartoons (ahem, I was Jerry and he was Roadrunner), packed our stuff and were on our way to the Train Station. phew!

We arrived in Paris at around 11 in the morning and right away I knew that this city was my sense of sight. I couldn't take my eyes off of anything that crossed my way - a lady in leopard pants looking ultra fab (how did she do it), the gold carvings on the station door, the subway(metro) stop that looked more like a museum...everything just lay in front of me and all I had to was absorb them - xerox them through the iris and store them in the cushy pockets of my brain for retrieval at a later point in time.


When we came out of the subway station to walk towards our hotel - I just gaped at the gigantic structure that stood in front of me. It can't be? Such a big place in the city?? Noooo....but, I couldn't fool myself any longer because I knew what it was and what it held. 2 words. Louvre, Mona Lisa. We were lucky that our hotel was a block away from this historic spot and I was a teenager.

Grand Palais, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter, all the lovely bridges, Galleries Lafayette, Jardin des Tuileries, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Academy of Museum, the awesome Parisians, the ice cream seller - all of them are neatly pressed on my eyelids - like a transparent screen, and all I have to do is close my eyes to let the projector of my mind play this episodic film.


Paris taught me that something can be grand, outlandish, huge and yet be delicate, intricate and personal at the same time.

Both Kartik and I fell in love with Paris -- and yes, it was love at first sight!

Some pics for you...

Le Pont Neuf one of the historic bridges

Academy of Music

At the contrast in this sculpture

Kartik and I at Louvre :)

Grand Ball Room

you know what this is...don't you?

Paris streets at night (the quiter part of the city)

More coming up next...have a wonderful night!


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