Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was in a dreamy state all today - or so I would like to believe. In this weather - its' not easy staying alert and perky - Oh, bed! can I not take you with me everywhere?

And, since I was already in the la la land, somehow, I kept thinking about shoes. Pointy, flat, studded, sandals, pumps, round toed, open toed, d'orsay, slingbacks, blinged out, peacock color (yeah, that would be lovely), blood red, ostrich, alligator, snake skin, fur trimmed, feather lined - sooo many choices but sooo few days to wear them - I thought. I already have 50 pairs and I wear, like 5 of them - religiously. So, you see my dilemma here :)

But, then I felt bad also because it meant that I wasn't giving the same energy and thought to the Diwali Mela that is coming up. I mean, I should be thinking about ways to spruce up our booth, places to put the flyers, umm, or our modus operandi to invite future clients...aargh!

Anyways, the day finally ended and I was headed home. While waiting for the train on the subway, I was fiddling with the earplugs because they got all knotted and twisted in my bag. And, then I was getting all impatient and frumpy with the train and the earplugs collectively. But, suddenly these two feet with the most gorgeous shoes emerged in front of me. Is that an apparition? No, how could that be? Well, I kept looking (read that ogling) at those blinged out monsters (in a nice way). Hmm, I thought, maybe its worth day dreaming things - because they do tend to materialize!! Ok, not on my feet, but still!! :)


ps. did I tell you I love shoes :P

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