Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Five Senses and London

Yes, the Five Senses, and this is how I sum up my Europe trip. Each place a necessity, a complement to my existence - and yet so foreign, so distant.

So, where should I start first - my most basic sense or the place I landed at first. Umm...I will actually build on the order of the place visited, and walk you through each experience. Ready? Off we go..

The minute our plane touched Heathrow, I just knew I had come to a special place. We off-boarded, went through immigration, picked up our luggage, and then finally hopped on the tube to start our precious journey. So, what really was London to me? I thought long and hard and couldn't help but admit that London was my sense of hearing -- the accent, the blaring of trumpets at Buckingham Palace, the tone of the telephone ring, the squeaky horn of the famous black taxi, the gong of Big Ben - just about everything. Every place I visited had a soundness to it-- as if I could almost hear the history being played out in front of me.

Everything about London was a delight, and Kartik and I had such a wonderful time exploring the crevices of a parochial culture that once commanded the whole world - no wonder, you could hear the Queen in any part of the world :)

And, here are some shots of London for you...

had to take a picture of these...

men in uniform

old window mechanism at tower of london...thought this was really cool

Ofcourse -- the gorgeous Big Ben

how vintage..

Kartik -- posing at Trafalgar

The next sense coming tomorrow...


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