Monday, September 28, 2009

Crying babies, Jesus and Superstars

Traveling by subway is not the bestest commute one could ask for, but you have to do it because there isn't a better and a more economic alternative to it.

So, I travel one hour one way to work - hanging on for life through those handles that are soo high up that I am literally hanging. I mean why couldn't they make smart design decisions and incorporate more seats and lower handle bars in the subway cars? Not everyone in New York is a Knicks player you know!

Oh, and since I am already levitating, I don't want to be made anymore uncomfortable with any sort of sound effects and that means - no crying babies, no boisterous school kids, no loud conversations (please, I don't need to know that you threw up after faux vegan food the day before), and definitely no preaching.

Well, Lord have mercy, because all these events conspired precisely one after another today on my way to work. I walked into a subway car - still yawning and wishing I was snuggled up in my warm cozy bed- when the door closed and I was snapped out of my dreamy state by a shrill noise emanating from the farthest corner of the car. "AAAIIIII....AAAIII" it went on and on and I knew it will be a while before the baby would be quietened down, and I knew I was trapped. Few minutes later, when the baby finally soothed down, my mouth started to curve automatically in a smile...then a "Thud...rurr...Hey, hurry up, you have to see what he texted me yesterday" and right away my mouth drew a straight and then a crooked line. Arrghh...a bunch of youngsters yapping away to glory. I looked at them and tried to recall if I was that annoying when I was their age. Shudder, I will keep that analysis for a later time, I thought.

After 6 stops, the bunch hopped off and I let out a little "yes" as if I had scored a tough goal. Just 6 more stops and I will be free from this entrapment, I thought to myself. But, before I could completely digest this thought, came a loud reverberation behind me, and it sounded "Jesus is our Father...he suffered for us..." I flung my hands in the air and rolled my eyes - Ok, ok, I had woken up completely now but, I really didn't need this.

Personally, I feel that since New York is such a perfect amalgamation of so many cultures and religions, that preaching of a specific sect should have its own sweet place and time. I totally respect and revere other religions, but I wouldn't want someone to yell in my face how their beliefs and their Gods are the only ones who can save this world. I know I wouldn't do that to anyone. Yeah, and definitely not that early in the morning.

So, Mr. Preacher if you ever read this, please know that you are totally entitled to believe in what you do but don't expect the world to bounce with you on your music. Instead, talk about love, patience and tolerance being the virtues that we humans should aspire for ...maybe then we can all rock it out together like superstars!! Are we good?

And, I am sure you would have figured out my wish list for this week :)


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