Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick hello post the europe trip

When I was young, I traveled a lot. Dad had an international business, and thanks to his client meetings and deal closing "handshakes" in countries outside India, mom, Shikha and I got to be his deafult travel partners : )
I remember those queasy feelings in airplanes, the excitement of arriving at foreign aiports, those luxe treatments at hotels, those candy and stuff toy shopping excursions...oh, and on and on I can go. So, while I got to visit Asian countries (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand...and I will throw in Australia here too) a lot, I never got a chance to explore Europe. So, I dreamed...dreamed of walking down those cobbled, cafe filled streets and smelling the freshly baked baguette and coffee being brewed...of saying bonjour and merci beaucoup...of just absorbing the grandeur of those massive palaces, fine furniture and fine clothing. Yeah, I dreamed a lot.

And, then I woke up last week to find myself living my dream....how cool is that??

ok, ok I will be sharing with you my favorite bytes and pics from the trip -- so please check back tomorrow!

Oh, and since Mondays are a wish list day, and I have already skipped 2 of those days, I will jot down few of mah' wishes : )

  • I wish vacation days lasted longer than the wait leading upto them
  • I wish I could speak French more fluently...dacor madame/monsieur just doesn't cut it
  • I wish I had bought that flamenco dress...such colors and flamboyance...ola senorita!
  • I wish Airport workers were friendlier and happier...I mean c'mon, how hard is it to smile
  • I wish I could find brewed tea in cafes, not just brewed coffee (yes, I am sooo a tea person)
  • I wish I could type at the speed of my thoughts...click click..blah blah blah :)
Happy Tuesday, and loads of Hugs!

Missed you guys... :)

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