Thursday, September 24, 2009

A different ballgame

As we get ready to take another step in our business, it seems as if we are doing everything for the first time all over again - same nervousness, craziness and that queasy feeling in the stomach. There is so much to be done, but then done in the most fabulous of way because there's no compromise there...because that's what Banno Raani stands for... and because that's how we would like to see our clients - utterly butterly fabulous!

Thus, we work harder and get introduced to a series of new challenges as if it were some blind date.

Honestly, when we started talking about the idea of Banno Raani, we thought we will be able to get our merchandise on time, our vendors would be super cooperative and will be able to add new items speedily to our collection. Little did we know, the world of business spins on its own unique axis, and one needs to learn to be steady and patient while the whole world is in a tizzy.

So, we learnt.

Our first collection was very well received and our clients already wanted to see what was coming up next. We were eager too, to introduce our next uber collection but found that it takes time. There was a lot of back and forth between Shikha and I, and then between the vendor and us. Uufff, the number of hours we spent making them understand what we wanted!!! Eventually, they got it (thank God) and finally shipped us their samples.

We are now waiting for the samples to arrive so we can scope out what we like, and what we really really like and get ready to launch our next collection. {Side note: I was hoping we would have picked our trousseau vendor by now because that will be the next biggest addition to our boutique, but we got so tied up with the second order, that we couldn't focus on it. However, it is definitely on our list, and we push ourselves to dive into the realm of sensuous silk, intricate zardozi and those vibrant blinding colors soon :) } Dear, lovely clients, please bear with us!!

I think that's it for now - I just felt that it was important for you to know how devoted and committed we are to Banno Raani. Yes, business is a whole different ballgame and that's precisely what we are learning.

And, we love it!!

Have a wonderful night..


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