Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Proper time

This past Saturday Kartik, Dhruv, Shikha and I spent our evening at Manish and Deepa's new place...new because they are expanding and need more space. Ok, ok, don't get me wrong - nothing against their weight, just that Deepa is due anytime. But, boy o boy, her energy and stamina was so good that she was having fun right until we left....and it was me who was yawning and ready to hit the snooze button. Oh, please, not that I am getting old -- just your girl here needs some precious beauty zzz's :)

The party was fun, and it was great seeing 2 pregnant ladies in the house -- both gushing about whether a snowsuit makes sense, should the blanket be organic or pima cotton, what kind of socks should there be during birth -- aah, so many tips and tricks that I could have written a short article on it :) But, yeah, the evening was really entertaining and I would like to thank both Manish and Deepa for being such great hosts, and organizing the whole thing on their own when clearly they have other important things to worry about. Surely, goes to show that you don't need a "proper" time to do things - wherever there is a will, there surely is a way. And, that is an attitude that we can use in other areas of our lives too. What say?


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