Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super duper...

...Happy 100th!!

Oh my God, already? I remember the day Shikha and I made a decision to start a business. We both were nervous, didn't know if the words coming out of our mouths made any sense...I mean what were we thinking!! But, then we knew how important this was for our sanity, for our dreams and for our hopes. We contemplated so many ideas, like, business plan, scope of our boutique, the name (from Khazana Couture to Amazing A's) and one thing that constantly sprang up was - a blog! I mean we just had to dip our hands in this blog thingy and figure out what the hell it really was.

That was then.

Banno Raani is now our sweetheart, and this blog, our love . It is meant to showcase our journey into the unknown (cliche at it may sound, it is an absloute-kosher-truth), of being first time enterprenuers and for figuring how the heck do you make things work for you.

And, then it is also a platform to share the goofy, silly, honest thoughts that cross my mind. I know you guys wonder why Shikha never writes - it is because she is shy. Shy to open up her feelings, to express herself, but I know this will change soon. Oh, and her pregnancy keeps her on her toes you get it, right?

Well, this is a celebration...hitting 100 is a big deal, and I am sooo happy that I have you all with me. So, here's a toast to Banno Raani, to you and to all the silly little things that happen in the serious big thing we call life!


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