Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IHOP means business

Why do people love IHOP? I mean, why do I love IHOP? I'll tell you why...because I love breakfast - and generally speaking, everyone loves breakfast. Its the "any time of the day" kind of love we give to breakfast for its comfort, tasty and mind-numbing deliverance.
So, when I find that most delis serve breakfast only till 11:00am, I get pretty bummed and confused. Bummed, because I kinda' expected it and confused, because I cannot understand why someone would put a time limit on serving the most popular meal of the day, and something that can bring them more footfall.

The question then becomes, what should we do for our customers. Look at what's convenient for us and offer our convenience to them. Or, chart out the interests of the customers and give them the opportunity to determine our products and services. It seems like a very simple choice to pick, but trust me, if that was the case, there wouldn't be an issue of 11 am curfews on breakfast and bummed out expectations.

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