Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Internal Discussions

As I was walking towards subway, I started to think about what I would write today. Quite a few topics floated through my mind and so, I started having an internal discussion. I guess this discussion became pretty loud for I saw people walking by giving me this odd look as if I had two heads. Taking cue from their looks, I decided to quiten down the "internal" discussion and become a normal one-headed type of person.

The splotchy train ride then transported me to a different world of thoughts, and one of the themes that kept popping up was my nervousness with the launch. Although Shikha and I have taken care of most of the task list, there are still some pending items left. We have to buy display trays/racks, organize the product range, complete pricing, decide on the menu...oh, there is ssooo much to be done. And, then, there is this other kind of nervousness - will there be enough crowd, will they like our collection, will we add value to our customers.

But you know what, deep down, I am happy too. Yes, really. I am in this warm, fuzzy, happy place because I am heading towards something I believe in, something that I will give my 1000% to and make it awesome. And, that brings me to one of the topics I was thinking about as I was walking towards the subway - Do you follow the well trodden, well known road or create your own beautiful, yet slightly rough and mostly unknown path?

I think I may have my answer.


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