Friday, July 24, 2009

I can't believe its all done!! Well, almost :)

Alright, the cleaning pyjamas have served their purpose, and I am done with all the sweeping, swiffering, swooshing through the house. Actually, right after I blogged, I ran to the broom as a kid towards candy, and furtively went on with the cleaning actions. Hey, I am proud of myself - for I was done by 11. Cool, right?

And, becuase I was so quick and efficient (ahem, ahem), I sneaked in a trip to the temple, to get blessings from my dear Gods, to calm me and to allow Shikha and me to do a fabulous job tomorrow. I really needed that comfort, and I got just that and more as soon as I walked through the temple doors. The silence penetrated my mind like a lotion on my skin - and everything was just brilliant after that. Thank you Ganeshji and Sherawali Maa and Shivji and everyone.... I know I sound like a dorky kid who is just about to give her 12th board exams (umm for the uninitiated, class 12 exams are the toughest to clear in order to graduate from High School in India), but you know what, that's fine... works just perfectly for me.

Oh, and I also sneaked in time to complete (sorta') my defense driving course -- remember the "NO EXTRA CHARGE" saga and resetting of my registration!! Well Well, I am at module # 3 right now and I have one more module to go after that. And, then I will be done. Yummy!!

So, now you probably want to ask me, "what about the organizing step and your creative explosions?" Darlings, that will be tackled in the second half of the day, which for me, starts in half an hour. Ahem, yes, and this is when the magic fairy dust will be sprinkled around and the 'Works' will begin to happen. Oh, and you do know that there is a nervous thread running undearneath my calm demeanor? I may sound relaxed and hunky-dory, but deep down, its like an old rickety train running on an old rickety track...nerves baby, the nerves!

Shikha and Dhruv should be here any minute now, and I want to wrap this up quickly before it gets busy. Also, wanted to thank you for being true partners in this frenzy.

Its going to be awesome tomorrow, deep down I know, and we will rock it (internal soundtrack-old rickety train)...yeay!!


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