Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fear, Freedom and the 50th post

Have you wondered how close the word free and fear appear?If you speak fast, you'll probably won't be able to even tell the difference. That's how close.
Have you also wondered, what we fear the most? Its freedom - freedom from our mundane life, freedom from the lifeless job, freedom from the loveless relation. Even though, these situations are bad for our existence, we hold on to them as if they give us some purpose.

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of freedom and fear and time and again I come back to how intertwined these 2 parallels really are. To be free is to be fearless and that is the ultimate truth of our existence. Free to live our dreams, free to spend hours on internet :), free to voice our opinions and fearless if we get labeled opinionated (yeah, so what?), free to just be.
So, here's a quick tip - next time you feel the urge to question your actions or your thoughts (those which you know make you feel good), just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think for just 10 seconds, what is that you are afraid of, whats holding you from going through completely with that thought/action? I am sure it will become pretty clear overtime that your fears are baseless, they are as good or as important as you make them to be.

Here's a challenge (ooh, I love challenges)...For the next 5 days, both you and I will only focus on the free part, and keep the fear part tucked away really deep -- regardless of how close these words appear to be or similar they seem to sound. Ok, I will throw in a journal of tracking my progress with this and will share with all. How's that for taking it up one more level? Fun Fun!!!
If you would like to share, send me an email.

Also, hoooraay, for this is the 50th post of Banno Raani -- wow, made it this far!! Fun! Fun!

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