Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 1 of 5, and more...

So, here I am, blogging in the morning. Yeay, for me - right?? right?? : )
It was kinda' crazy for me at work and although I came home at a decent hour -- I just couldn't lift my overworked fingers to start the typing frenzy again. But, I am all energized now -- what a nice shower can do on a hot morning -- and ready to document the first entry of the project I talked about in my previous blog - Fear vs. Free

Yesterday, when I received an email from one of my colleagues talking about a project, its nuances and the approval chain involved, I was excited to take it on. When I read it, the whole project did not make sense to me, and I was enraged that one would spend the company's money in that fashion (mind you, this is my personal take on the corporate workings -- I just cannot deal with politics and what nots). Anyhow, I wanted to give my honest opinion, but then I feared, what if it would harm my career, what if I get on the wrong side of my senior managers. Maybe agreeing to the proposal is the safest method to ensure the strength of my career, I thought, and as I was typing "agreed" in an email, something stopped me. I reevaluated my feelings on this, and decided that my fears were baseless - I had to do what would make me free. And, people, thats' what I did. I responded with all honesty on the project and listed out the pros and cons.
So, now I wait on the verdict, but I did what would set me free - and yes, it was a conscious decision because I had to prove it to myself -- you know, refute the age old saying "easier said than done." : )

Well, tis' Friday -- and that calls for some more fearless adventures -- so go out have fun, and try to do what you always felt shy of (what will others say), scared of (what if it hurts) or simply lazy (yeah, will do it someother day).

WAKE UP and SMELL THE AIR (outdoors, sniffing AC air does not count :) )


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