Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soldered to existence

Inspiration comes in all sizes, shapes, packages, colors -- I am learning this, and more, as I enter a new phase of my life. Being an entrepreneur is a big bold step - sounds heavy weight? You know what, it kinda' sorta' is. But, is it something that anyone can aspire to be? Yes, absolutely. Provided the goals, values and mission are all synched up and true to your heart. Provided you cannot go another moment without doing something about it -- that true!

When I see a street side vendor, I am inspired - how he forces himself to stand out in plethora of showrooms around him, his confidence intact and will power soldered to his existence.
When I see a shop owner, I am inspired - how he displays his products, and prices them so that people passing by would come in atleast once to see what the deal is all about, his pride intact and his business acumen soldered to his existence.
When I see a candyman, I am inspired - just one product to sell, but selling it in different ways to different types/ages of people, his purpose intact and his candy machine soldered to his existence.
I am truly thankful for all these inspirations coming my way, and I can't help but solder them to my own existence.

Oh, and I know, I skipped yesterday, so today I present to you the weekly Wish List:

  • I wish I had canon 5D camera so I could take cool shots of Banno Raani's collection
  • I wish people (adults) would own up to their mistakes, and not act like an ostrich and put their head in the sand when it comes to clarifications -- "Huh, whats wrong? I don't see anything wrong?"
  • I wish 3o Rock wins all 22 Emmy awards
  • I wish Obama administration would make the immigration policy/process smarter, easier and faster -- its about time!
  • I wish I would climb Mt Everest one day -- until then I will get inspired : )
Also, not to make you wait any longer, here are some pics from the launch party of Banno Raani -- enjoy!!

As always, we begin with special prayers to Ganeshji

This is how it was set up at my place - ooh, it looks soo good: )

Just a glimpse of our collection...

Our guests/clients trying out the collection (special shout out to Gauri in this pic..) : )

Ozzi blinging it to the max --- a statement earring


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