Friday, July 3, 2009

Avatar 360*

When I look back few years, I see a very different avatar of myself. The essence of my soul is still the same but I have become more patient, more honest (especially to myself), wiser and less judgmental. I don't make decisions about people based on their clothes, their accent or their handbag, but more on how their eyes shine when they talk, how their lips curl when they smile and how their presence touches my heart. Its more about them and less about me, and that to me has been a wonderful change. I am not saying I was this "me - me" person before, but just that my priorities and focus were different.

Time has passed and where I am today, I am happy and blessed. I am more confident about where I came from and where I am headed with my dreams. I am truly thankful to my favoritest God, Ganeshji, my lovely husband, and my wonderful parents. A special shout to my true partner in crime, Shikha, you know what you mean to me, so I don't really need to fill this blog with my feelings and love for you :)

I now leave you with an opportunity to reflect on how you and your life has changed, and to feel grateful for all the good things in your life now : )


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