Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snippets of a day well spent

Work was pretty manageable today, and I got to leave early - so that was awesome. But, I had to wait for Kartik to be done as well, and that meant I had 2 hours in my kitty. What did I do? Well, what any sane girl would do -- headed straight for the bookstore -- gotcha!!
But, no, really, I did go to the bookstore. You see there is a very strong connection I have with books - much like a gambler has with Vegas -- almost to the point of addiction. I mean I can read and read and read all day and not get tired. Its an awesome feeling to get tangled in the web of the written words, to develop a relationship with the characters and to lead a fantasy life in a made up world. ooh, I remember once when I was on summer vacation, aka, no school, I tried to finish The Fountainhead in one day -- I am telling you, I probably weren't even breathing then. lol : )

Anyhow, I was at Borders, feeling like a kid in the candy store, picking up one best seller after another, browsing through the new releases and making up a list for my next line up of books. Two hours passed by and I did not even realize, when my phone rang and Kartik said he was on his way. We decided to go to Chipotle for dinner and then take the bus home from the city. We took the fajita burrito (yummmm) to go, and sat by the water to eat, talk and laugh. Since we had some time to kill before the next bus arrived, we decided to walk to the next station, maybe a mile away. It had been raining before, but then it had stopped, so the sky was pretty clear. But, as we started to walk, it started to rain. And, the faster we walked, the harder it came down. It was warm so getting soaked was no big deal at all -- and we were going through the narrow streets of downtown NY, it was oh-so lovely. We both had such a great time - getting drenched in the July rain, jumping in puddles like kids (wow, I got to be a kid twice within 2 hours) and just enjoying the pure, simple, and true joys of life.

And, those my friends, are some snippets of a day well spent.


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