Sunday, July 12, 2009

Click and link, baby, Click and link

Since I am already on the topic of blogs, I will share with you one more awesome and super funny blog I came across - not by doing any kind of research - but by what I call, the 'click and link' effect.
Ok, here's how it happened. Remember, few weeks ago I told you about my desparate yet successful research on the topic 'what makes for a good blog', and then how I ended up on Times Best Blogs of 2009 (goldmine!!) list. Well, that lead me to Seth Godin's blog (mentioned previously). I have to admit, at first I did not understand Seth. His posts seemed more gibberish than I could fathom - but, stubborn me, had to find out what he was all about. And, I am glad I did.

Alright, alright, back to my 'click and link' effect, and I will chart out my journey to this funny website:

Google search for "What makes blogs successful" --> Times Best Blogs of 2009 --> One of Seth's post --> Chris Guillebeau's Art of Nonconformity --> HaviBooks's Fluent life (another amazing blog, btw) --> Funny Website (click and link now) Awkard Family Photos

Enjoy the awkardness and get transported to your own secret stash of embarrassing family momentos.


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