Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wish List

Today at work, eight of us were invited for a luncheon with a senior manager. It was one of those "get to know your seniors better" round table - with pizza. And, part of the deal was for each of us to ask a question of him. It was fun, and one of the questions I asked him was "What is your motto in life?" Now, even after 11 years (almost) here, I still pronounce some words with the English accent and so I went "What is your mo-tto in life?" Instead of a beautiful proverb for an answer, I got a very confusing look back. Hmm, I thought, I am sure he knows the meaning of the word motto. But, then everyone looked at me as if I was speaking Latin and gave me the same confusing look back. And, so I said "mo-tto, motto" and then I heard a voice of clarification echo out "mawto, you mean mawto" - and just like that the confusing look on everyone's face was gone. And, just like that I got my answer.
Really, never a day goes by without learning something - never a day.

Which, surprise-surprise, somehow brings me to our Monday's feature - The Wish list -- and here we go:

  • I wish people would use deodorant, especially when using public transportation, like seriously
  • I wish I could travel the 80 days, with my lovely hubby Kartik
  • I wish the media would leave Michael Jackson alone, he is gone and we need to remember him for his talent and not for hocky pocky malicious gossips
  • I wish I could participate in ABC's Wipeout show -- oh, its so awesome
  • I wish more people in this world would get courage to pursue their dreams
  • I wish there were fireworks every weekend by the beach
  • I wish I could walk barefoot in the park
Ok, don't give me the confusing look. You know what I mean.

Happy Monday y'all!


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