Friday, July 24, 2009

Morningness and the art of getting things done

Good morning everyone! Aah, its a nice warm morning, and I am all ready to leave my laziness curled up in bed, and embrace the crisp clean whiff of morningness : )

Ok, I have work cut out for the entire day, and if I tell you its a LOT, I actually mean its a TON of work. Tomorrow is the D-Day, ie, the launch of Banno Raani's first product showcase, the Jhumke Collection, at my place and I haven't started on any arrangements, etc. Lazy? Procastinator? umm...ya, a lil bit. Super excited and don't know where to start? oh, absolutely!
Shikha and Dhruv will come by later this evening to help, but before that, I have cleaning to do, and there's quite of bit of scrubbing and sweeping to do - so, I won't spend too much time describing it, because, well, you get the point : )

This is how I have grouped the list, so the tasks seem manageable and attainable. And, yes, these will be dealt in the order listed below -- makes sense, right?

1. Cleaning
  • Sweep main living room
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Scrub bathroom (although, I don't think this is for clients)
  • Sweep kitchen area (because my kitchen extends into living room...oh, actually, its the other way round)
  • Dust tables and chairs
2. Organizing
  • Arrange furniture to allow flow of people
  • Put up display tables
  • Put up lights
  • Decide on arrangement of food, snacks, etc.
3. Creative Explosions (my fav category, and a totally made up one : ))
  • How to display earrings (which ones in the front, which ones on the right, etc.)
  • Decor of display area...candles?potpourri?
  • Logo and banner placement
  • "What's next" aisle arrangement
  • Pleacement of guest book
  • Flower arrangement on the main table

Ok, I am heading now for those cleaning pyjamas (yikes) and the broom -- and we'll chit-chat later. Sounds good?

Have a fantastic Friday -- wherever you are -- life is good, life is enjoy the heck' out of it!!


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