Monday, July 6, 2009

The Wish List

Monday's here, and so is the spankin' new feature, the weekly Wish List.
  • I wish for perfect health of my bauji (grandfather), beeji (paternal grandmother) and my nani mumma (maternal grandmother)
  • I wish I wouldn't get corns when I run in those gorgeous Calvin Klein heels of mine
  • I wish I was 2 inches taller
  • I wish for sooo much love to flood the heart of every soul on this earth, that they forget war, hatred, jealousy, religious differences and start to live as humans
  • I wish my neighbors were friendlier, especially their dog
  • I wish I could eat desserts all day and my body wouldn't show it
  • I wish I was funnier and wittier with my words...
  • I wish someone would just ban the use of words "recession" and "stimulus" - ghosh, even my laundry guy is offering a "stimulus" for my shirts, and the local grocer is making his prices "recession proof"
  • I wish for everyone's blessings on Grand Opening Day of Banno Raani :)
Happy Monday y'all!


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