Friday, July 10, 2009

Ringing the Blog Bell

I have been doing a lot of online search to find blogs/sites which speak to me about being a first time entreprenuer, of exploring creativity, of tips on how to make an impact with my blog and business, etc. -- and surprise surprise, I have found tons of them. I actually wasn't expecting this type of range to tickle my fancy - but, there is a wide range and I am so thankful for such an open dialogue to exist. I truly wonder how the world connected before internet - I am sure you had to bribe your dear ol' postman to smuggle the communication goods faster, oh, and then you also had fax or fascimile (I find the word very lurid). I loved the fax paper though. It was so buttery soft and shiny...I remember Shikha and I used to pretend we were getting fax at our dad's office in India, and stood by the fax machine -- you know acting all cool and expecting -- and ripped off pages and pages of that smooth buttery paper...oh, yes, thats' how things rolled before internet!!! :)

Ok, so, now that I know there is so much material to read, I am now facing with the challenging next step - how do I manage it and how do I prevent myself from being suffocated by info overload. This is a bit time consuming part my friends, and patience and good reading skills are key here. When I get to a blog or a site, I give myself 5-10 minutes to skim their recent posts and make a decision. If the writing and opinions ring my mind's blog bell -- I bookmark it instantly. If I don't - you know what happens...

Because some of these good blogs/sites are for just about anyone to get inspired and to think outside the box, better yet, think of a circle instead of the box, I feel compelled to spread the good word and generate great vibrations. These blogs/sites will challenge and speak to you at different levels -- whether you are a stay at home mom, a corporate cubicle survivor, a perennial poet, an artist or someone looking for that outlet to make a difference.
Strap the webly (don't ask where the word came from, it just did) links -- and read on:

Mark McGuinness's Lateral Action:
Blurb: Mark is a business coach, and he also writes poetry. Enough said, check out the site from articles ranging from "how stubborn are you at being successful" to "What can you learn from Walt Disney"

Seth Godin's Blog:
Blurb: Seth is God. Of Marketing. Of Creativity. Of being non-conformist. His ideas flow like light through optic fibres...illuminating the entire strand and the tip. Be prepared to leave behind your doubts, old-fashioned beliefs at his page. He will question you to think differently and even question your questioning ability. MUST READ!!!

Pamela Slims' Escape from Cubicle Nation:
Blurb: Pam knows a thing or two about being free, and one can definitely learn a lot from her insight. This blog/site is for first time entreprenuers and for those who are sick of being tied to the 9-5 schedule like a dog to a leash. YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LOOK

There are quite a few - and as you will notice, I have started a feature on the blog called 'Amazing Blogs and more' - make sure to keep an eye on it as that roster is carefully selected to provide handsome dialogue to the workings of our creative urges.

Peace out, my friends!


  1. Thank you! Have you seen Jonathan Fields blog/book Career Renegade?

    If you like LA and Seth and Pam's work, it should be right up your street:

  2. Mark - is that really you? Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing more info. Truly appreciate it. And you know you rock, right?



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