Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 3 of 5 and... the BR update

Yesterday, Kartik and I spent an entire day at Shikha and Dhruv's...packing and tagging th Banno Raani's products, until our backs hurt and our arms wilted. But, we kept going on.
Both Shikha and I are getting more and more excited as well as nervous about the d-day. We packed and tagged all the products, all we need to do is work on the display, lighting and other presentation ideas. Yup -- get it all set for this coming Saturday. We are also putting up snacks and drinks for our prospective clients, a personal touch from our side that says we care about them taking out time to come and visit us.

Ok, as part of my on going effort for fear vs free... I was facing a situation of reaching out to an old friend, whom I hadn't spoken to for a while. I wanted to invite her for Banno Raani event and was juggling with the idea of whether to call her or not. I was taking my time picking up the phone because of the fear of getting a 'No' from her or of sounding selfish to call her after a long time. But, she is a dear friend and for me, it was having her there that mattered. I sat down and for five minutes thought, what worse could happen? She wouldn't come or may not even pick up my phone. In that case I will leave her a pleasant message, and that will be it.
So, I decided that I really did not have to have this silly fear, and I dialed. Ring 1 (hmmmm), Ring 2 (oh, maybe she is busy), Ring 3 (I will leave her a message), Ring 4...She picked up, we had a fun chit-chat, I told her about Banno Raani, she squealed with joy, and she is coming. Phew! I am learning - yeah, I am learning, its fun to be free.


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