Monday, July 20, 2009

The Wish List, Day 4 of 5 and...what's with that customer service?

I signed up for defense driving course online (yes, you can now take this 6-bazooka long hour course without sitting in a claustrophobic class) to get a 10% discount on my auto insurance. Part of their deal is to make sure you are the only one taking the course, and so they require voice biometric authentication periodically -- yeah, high-tech stuff and all!! So, due to a certain glitch in their system, the authentication screen didn't show up, and I got locked out. I called for customer service, and they said that they will call me in 5 minutes. That was 9:45 am this morning . I called them back again around noon, saying I hadn't received the call and if they can fix my access. Mind you, I had already invested 5 hours going through all the 3 modules, and only had few chapters in the 4th module to go. When I got to speak to them, they said they had "re-registered" me and I would have to take the course from the beginning at NO EXTRA CHARGE!! Hello, my precious 5 hours were already invested and they just went ahead and re-regsitered me at NO EXTRA CHARGE. I was just flabbergasted, because they did not understand the exception in this case, the fact that it was their technical issue that caused this, and when I asked for a supervisor, I was told, "But, mam, this is our policy, and don't worry we have re-registered you at NO EXTRA CHARGE." AAArggh, these customer service people -- what part of it is service???

Fear vs Free battle continues as I was having a situation where I needed to decide whether to take this management course or not. I mean its a very simple situation, but has such a layer of complexity if you will. I feared, what if it takes me to a level where I am not ready to be or brings me the information that I would have no use of. I started dreading the late nights that would emerge due to all the new projects I would get...and off the hook my mind went. I immediately took a deep breath and slowly inhaled/exhaled for ten seconds, reflected my current state of unwanted agony, and then cleared out my misconceptions and weird thoughts. I decided to just hit the "submit" button and go for the course. Free to pursue the unknown in my professional world. That's what I am talking about!!

The Wish List
  • I wish companies realized the true meaning of customer service; reading off of a dialogue sheet that probably belongs to a B-grade movie does not count
  • I wish my commute to work was shorter by like an hour
  • I wish I could adopt a dog soon (Kartik, hope you read this)
  • I wish for buses to run on time, especially on a Monday morning, I mean c'mon
  • I wish I could star in an animation
  • I wish all true love unites in this world...God bless people in love!!
Happy Monday y'all


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