Sunday, July 12, 2009

Truly personal, but we learn

I will admit it. No, seriously, I will admit it. I was wrong and I made a mistake.
Now, admitting isn't something I did easily when I was younger or growing up. I mean, you were either cool or you were wrong. And, trust me, at that age, life was all about riding the cool wave. But, I am older and wiser (ahem ahem) now and am OK with openly admitting my faults.
So, Shikha and I had a misunderstanding over some workings of our business - the misunderstanding soon grew into an argument and it wasn't cool. Granted we both knew that there would be times when we would get into situations where the personal relation would take over the professional one, but to actually face it was a whole different planet. Lucky for us, we realized and acknowledged it sooner than later.

You see, we all have big egos and no patience-- especially when it comes to our siblings. And, this was one of those arguments where there was no room for bowing down or patiently hearing out the sibling. However, we were able to calm ourselves down (this involved walking away from the scene of loud sonic emissions) and look beyond our personal issues to get right back on track of building a business we both believe in and are passionate about.

I love my sister a lot, and we both have gone through so much together that at the end of the day its only us - the goofy, giggly, curly haired, sometimes identical dress wearing sisters : ) I am glad we went through this sooner than later because this business is not only a test of our professional expertise but also of our personal endurance. We both know now to set a clear line of demarcation between being business partners and being sisters. Though, the sisters part will always overflow a bit more on the partners side -- but hey, its ok with me, I will admit it. Coz' I am cool : ).


Update*** Here's a screenshot of the evite I sent out, I soo wanted to share this with you. Don't you love those pretty blossoms in yellow? I fell in love with the combo...drool...

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