Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 2 of 5 and...the iPhone saga

As I was walking towards work yesterday, a man approached me to ask for directions to City Hall. He was probably in his 50's and looked lost. He announced he was getting married, and he wanted to make sure he reached City Hall on time, or else he would remain a bachelor for life. It was a serious case and I had to help him through the shortest and best way I could find. I flipped out my iPhone and clicked "Maps" App and then zoomed on where we both were currently, and how close/far off he was to his future (aka marriage). Thankfully, City Hall was only few blocks south and I zoomed in and showed him the direction. You know acting all cool, like, check out my iPhone and my zooming skills : )
Then he took out his letter and asked me if I could also help him with an additional location. I went to Safari, Googled it, and Mapped it, and he was sooo happy. I think I sold him an iPhone people - then and there. I am sure soon after he gets hitched, he will walk into the Apple store with his new wife and get him self a spankin' new you-know-what. That how 'sold' he was!

Now, going to the second day of my fear vs. free battle. Good it goes. I have been reading a book called "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss, which talks about reincarnation, and an actual study he did with a patient in 1980s. The patient, Catherine, visits each of her 86 lifetimes through hypnosis, and relates it back to Dr Brian, as he is using this technique to cure her of her depression and fears. She also enters what is referred as the "in between state" where she is passed knowledge through the 'Masters', those enlightened spirits who have transcended the physical stages through a lot of learning and experience. Ok, I was intrigued and as I was reading this at night, I also got spooked a little. Although, there was nothing in the book to be scared of, I just imagined that there were spirits around me who were watching me, etc. So, I challenged myself to overcome this fear, and decided to go downstairs (to get some water) -- which was completely dark--all by myself. Kartik was busy releasing zzzzsss, so I didn't want to wake him up. I debated and debated -- why do I have the fear -- I can be free and just go downstairs in the dark--there is nothing there--I do not hear anything, so why am I even debating. After few minutes, fear won and I slept thirsty.

Score 1-1


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