Sunday, July 5, 2009

Delicious nature of my absence

I will not give any excuse, other than that I am late -- but here it is, straight from the warmest nook in my heart - a very happy Independence Day!! I am blessed to be here in America and to make it the home of my dreams - dreams that have no other resort but to come true. I am also grateful to all the brave men and women out there for their continuous dedication, love and support for this country. Truly, God does and will always bless America!! yeay!
So, why late? umm.. I have pictures to show you the delicious nature of my absence, and you will most definitely agree with me. This deliciousness is in Boston, and thats' where I was with Kartik and my entire extended family. It was absolutely fun, and I even got to see the awesome I-Day fireworks up, close and personal. Pics to follow to show you my new found love.

Until then, enjoy remaining part of Sunday and get ready for a wonderful, super Monday!!


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